Saturday, June 13, 2009

Verbum caro factum est

The sound of the human voice captivates me so much. I just absolutely and emphatically love listening to chorals, anything done a cappella. I wish so much so many times that I could understand the languages that the Gregorian chants are sung in and so many of the ancient hymns sung in the massive cathedrals. It really touches a deep part of my heart that just longs to hear the praises of the Lord. Although I could fall asleep to what most people would call unintelligible hardcore chaos, I still adore purely vocal pieces.

I was never a great singer, although I did do some singing back in elementary school mainly in theater productions back at Calvary Chapel Anaheim. I've always wanted my voice to be better, stronger, and more like the beautiful arrangements I heard on classical radio stations as professional choirs sang angelic hymns. I really did want to pursue singing in a choir as a kid, but it never panned out and I eventually was brought into more physical activities. Don't get me wrong, I will never forget nor take for granted the amazing people and the skills I learned in both martial arts and swimming, but singing is something that you can practice for your whole life and do anytime, anywhere.

At this rate, unless I had a voice box replacement, I'll never have the voice of absolute angels, but it's my voice, one that God purposefully gave me. Sometimes when I'm in the midst of absolute worship I can't even recognize it. It somehow gets more powerful in a way, but then again I could just be hearing it differently.

Ah well, God doesn't care if I hit all the right notes or if I forget the words. The song of my heart is far more beautiful to Him than anything that could ever come from my mouth. I just hope that I don't lose that intention of praise and just mindlessly sing a song about my risen Savior. Lord, convict my heart to never lose sight of Whom I give my praise to.

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