Thursday, November 12, 2009

From Mother to Daughter

Today has been an absolutely wonderful day. Even though my family didn't do anything collective to celebrate my Mom's move I felt very close to her. Meg's concert went well despite the hurdles they had to jump over to get it done. Dad had to work today but he came home at a decent hour so that helped.

I had some chores and whatnot to get done today being my day off, but I also just wanted some time to just spend in reflection of my Mom and bonding closer to the Lord. When I woke up I read 2 Corinthians 4-5 and was completely blessed by His Word. Earlier the dogs had barked their normal welcome to the mailman and I figured I could grab it after my devotion. Just meditating on God's word through Paul was a blessing, but I had no idea what would come in the mail for me.

My Mom has very few family members that we know of still living. There are some in LA, the east coast, and Oakland, and my Mom's brother moved to Hawaii so it's hard for us to really see each other as much as Meg and I would like. One aunt in particular who lives out in Pennsylvania is one that we try to keep in contact through mail. She's been very generous to my sister and me throughout the years out of the kindness of her heart. She still remembers us along with her other family that she has in Penn. The last letter that I got from her was late last year and in my sad, selfish heart I expected to see a check in there. There wasn't one. I was kinda let down but it wasn't going to stop me from still being thankful to my aunt for reaching out to me. Months later I called her just thanking her for remembering me and telling her that I loved her so much even without receiving any money. We talked for a little while and I hadn't heard from her since then. In the mail today both Meg and I got letters from her. After my devo I sat there with the letter in my hand just grateful for the fact that she spent time in sending me her greeting. To my surprise there was a check in there. I had to keep myself from crying out of joy and gratitude.

Lately I've been struggling with work, mainly the fact that I haven't been getting much if any. Whatever check I get from work I have to immediately take a big chunk out for taxes so I usually don't end up with much at the end of the month after I've paid rent and bills. I was very frustrated with the fear that I'd be wallowing in debt forever. I still had faith that the Lord will provide for me with His means, but I didn't think it would be so soon. I'll still have some debt but because of my aunt's wonderfully sweet generosity I'll have made a huge step in getting my financial stability back.

What truly struck me as miraculous about this situation was the fact that all this happened today. Four years ago today my Mom went to be with the Lord face to face. I lost the strongest female image in my life just before my 19th birthday. It was definitely the hardest crisis I've ever gone through. But I know God had a plan and purpose for taking her Home so soon. Today, though, I truly felt that she had blessed me through my aunt. She and my aunt were close. I felt like today was a gift from mother to daughter. I won't forget this day for a long, long time. Thank You, Jesus, for Your heart sending me Your joy.