Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father to Daughter

Daddy, I need You.

I hate to see my friends, my family, people who I love dearly in pain. I feel so helpless to them at times. I wish I could take their burdens. I wish I could take their pain, their confusion, their hurt. I'd rather be the one suffering. I can't stand to see it. I just wish I could do more.

Sometimes I feel so unworthy to be loved by these beautiful people that You put into my life. Who am I? I battle within myself each day. My flesh, my thorn in my side. It tears me apart little by little and slowly. It barely heals before the wound is torn open again. Some days I feel like the Spirit has triumphed over my flesh and I feel victorious...until I think something cruel or say something harsh about someone I don't even know. Curse this flesh that I crawl in, this shell of mine that longs for the treacheries of this world.

I long to be with You, Daddy. I feel so inadequate.

Father, I don't want to let my heart go too far away. Don't let me become a stumbling block, a false prophetess who only desires to cause destruction.

I want to be beautiful, Daddy. I want to be all that You've dreamed I would be.

You see me as Your precious Daughter. I've been adopted by Your Love. May that Love never fade from my heart. Renew my spirit.

You're not only my Father, but You're my King, my Savior, my First Love. Hallelujah, blessed be my Redeemer Who reigns forever.

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