Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm getting frustrated with my Mom's old guitar. It could be a combination of my inexperience with the chords and the oldness of the guitar, but it just never seems to sound in tune. I'm really considering getting a new guitar sometime this week. One thing that gets annoying about my Mom's guitar is that the neck is so wide that my fingers can barely reach the strings. I've been wanting to learn guitar for years and now I finally have the time and the desire to fulfill that wish!

God has been so incredibly faithful lately; even though I haven't had too many clients each week, He's been providing for me in other ways. He's been sustaining me spiritually and emotionally in more ways than I ever expected and I feel so bad because I haven't been reading my Word as much as I should be. I'm going to dive into it more today, though, because I finally got my Sword back!!! :D

Word up, foo.

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